How to add background image to Google Calendar?


Google Calendar is online time and schedule management application from Google. You can track and manage important dates and events in an year. It helps you prioritize different tasks and never miss on deadlines. Now you can jazz up your Google Calendar interface by adding any background image.

Activate Background Image feature

1. Login into your Google Calendar account.
2. Click Settings option at top right.


3. Then click on Labs tab on Calendar Settings page.
4. Click enable next to “Background image” feature.
5. Click on Save button.

Upload & show Background image

1. Click Settings option at top right.


2. Under General tab, enter image URL in text box next to ‘Calendar background’. [How to upload images & get Image URL for posting?]
3. Click preview button to see your image.


4. Click save and see specified image as your Calendar background. You can goto settings page and change or remove background image as per requirement.

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  1. hi, i have a problem with that. i can add the background image, but when i look at the calendar online (the public version of my calendar) the background image does not appeare. have you any idea why?


  2. Hi,

    I have the same problem.


  3. it still wont work 🙁

  4. nvm! i tried again. it workd 😀

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