Add contact, email or friend to Yahoo Messenger chat list


Adding new contacts or friends to Yahoo Messenger is a progressive activity. For new Yahoo Messenger user, adding new friends can be little confusing process. It is very easy, you just need Yahoo Messenger installed on the computer and email ID of friend you want add.

Add contact, email or friend to Messenger buddy list

1. Open Yahoo Messenger & login using your Yahoo ID.

2. Goto menu option Contacts > Add a Contact. Alternatively, you can use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + A or click big button saying “Add a contact”.


3. In new window you need to type Messenger ID or email address of the friend you want to add to messenger chat buddy list. You can add email IDs

4. Click Next and enter brief introduction about yourself (just one line). This will show to contact you are trying to add so that he/she can identify you.

5. Click Next and you will see added contact in messenger chat list. It should appear online as soon as your friend accepts the inclusion request.

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