How to stay hidden / offline to Yahoo Messenger friends?


Yahoo Messenger can be very addictive as a result of interesting and long chatting sessions. However, sometimes you want to see which friends are online without indicating them your online status. In such case, you can login into Yahoo Messenger as Hidden or hide your status for specific buddies in Yahoo Messenger.

Login as hidden in Yahoo Messenger

1. Open Yahoo Messenger application.


2. On the login screen, check or tick option “Sign in as invisible to everyone”.
3. Click Sign in button to see all online Yahoo Messenger while staying hidden from them.

Stay hidden for specific Yahoo Messenger friends

1. Open Yahoo Messenger and login into like you normally do.


2. Right click on the Yahoo Messenger friend from whom you want to stay hidden.
3. Goto Stealth Settings > Appear offline to “friendname”.

To appear online again, select option appear online to “friendname”. Alternatively, you can log out of Yahoo Messenger and then login again by unchecking option “Sign in as invisible to everyone”.

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