How to send text on webpages directly to Twitter?


Do you like to share lot of surfed web content with Twitter friends? If you use either of Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser to browse web, then here is quick way to tweet text on your favorite webpages directly to Twitter timeline using Cloudberry Twitter plugins.

Tweet directly in Internet Explorer

1. Download & install Cloudberry TweetIE plugin.
2. Open any webpage, select some text on the webpage.


3. Click Tweet button on IE toolbar, a new window will open with selected text and shortened URL of original webpage using
4. Then click my account to login into your Twitter account.
5. Click Tweet button to send selected text to your Twitter timeline.

Tweet directly in Firefox

1. Download & install Cloudberry TweetFox plugin.
2. Repeat above steps from 2 to 5 to send any selected text to Twitter timeline within Firefox browser.

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