How to extract text from webpage & save in txt format?


Sometimes we need to quickly copy text part of a webpage for future reading and reference. Due to number of elements on a webpage like CSS formatting, images, tables – saving text only contents from a webpage is not an easy task. However, following methods should make this real easy.

Quick Save as txt method

1. Open any website (say in Internet Explorer.
2. Goto option menu File > Save As and save webpage box will appear.


3. At lower part of the box, change the Save as type to Text Files (*txt) from drop down box and click on Save button. Text contents of webpage will be saved in a txt file.

Manual copy & save as txt method

Incase you only want to “copy and save as txt” the selected part of a webpage - then use following manual method.

Using mouse select part of text on webpage and press Ctrl + C to copy. Then open new notepad file (click start > Run and then type notepad and click OK) and paste copied content by pressing Ctrl + V in the opened notepad file window. Then save the notepad file containing required text.

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