How to use Google for explicit sexual content searching?


By default no explicit sexual content appear on Google Search result pages. However, some users want to see mature content results for specific keyword while searching internet using Google. Just like Bing search we can turn OFF Safe Search filter and use Google to show explicit “no filtered” results.

Turn OFF Safe search on Google

1. Open Google Search on your computer.
2. Click Preferences link next to search text box.


3. Clickand highlight “Do not filter my search results” option next to SafeSearch Filtering.
4. Click Save Preferences button and now Google will show explicit or unfiltered search results for entered keywords.

There are 3 optionsin SafeSearch Filtering: use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images), use moderate filtering (Filter explicit images only – default behavior) and do not filter my search results. You need to select do not filter option for explicit no filter results.

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  1. I use the same thing for Google image search 😀

    Figured this few weeks ago.. never knew we could do this with the web search too. Nice tip..

  2. kick ass guy says:

    i did that but it didn’t work

  3. The holy grail of course would be to have it *only* show adult content and filter the “safe” stuff! 😉
    Come on, there must be a way! Do it for the guys among us! 😉

  4. As stated above. Can change to No Filter however, view images remains STRICT no matter what. How can I turn search images OFF or disable

  5. I merely want to return my google page to its former.self
    i.e. Google in colour and all else in b/white

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