Download photos from Flickr, get spacebar.gif image?


Are you trying to copy flickr photo and ending up with spacebar.gif dot image? Few photos on Flickr are protected using spacebar.gif technique. If you right click to copy and paste, end result will be small dot image instead of original image. There is a work-around to copy original image inspite of this protection.

Download Flickr photos in Internet Explorer

1. Open your Flickr photo page.

2. Right click on empty space on the webpage and then click on “view source” option. Alternatively, goto menu option view > source. A new notepad window with some code will appear.


3. In that notepad window, press Ctrl + F keys to open search box. Alternatively, goto menu option Edit > Find

4. In the search box type .jpg and click the Find Next button. First image URL / address highlighted is actual image. Copy that image URL and open in new browser window to see actual image.

You can click Find Next button again to see URLs of the same image in different sizes. If jpg search term does not return any result, try png, bmp and search again.

Download Flickr photos in Firefox

Downloading Flickr photos protected by spacebar.gif method is more easy in Firefox web browser. Perform the following steps:

1. Open the Flickr photo page in Firefox.


2. Right click on empty space on the webpage and then click on “view page info” option. A new window will open. Alternatively, click on menu option Tools > Page Info.

3. Click on “media’ tab on the page info window and scroll down to findthe Flickr image you want to download.

You can click on image listed there and see instant preview at the lower part of page info window. Once you see the image you want, click on “save as” button to save that image on your computer.

Note: Images protected with such technique are copyright. Use discretion and seek permission before using such images.

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