Delete or archive old messages for clean Gmail inbox


It is important to keep Gmail inbox clean for better management and efficient usage of free space provided by Gmail. Every incoming email has different importance and should be given treatment accordingly. You can keep the inbox clean and healthy by deleting unwanted messages or archiving important messages.

Archive messages in Gmail

Some email messages may be required in future. Instead of deleting them you can keep them in inbox – it is recommended to archive such messages. This will free up clutter in Gmail inbox and you can still access those archived emails using search feature.


To archive any email message, select specific message by checking tick next to it and then click archive button. Alternatively, when an email message is opened – directly hit the archive button.

Delete messages in Gmail

If you know specific email will not be required, it is recommended to delete such messages. This will reduce message clutter in Gmail inbox and free up on some disk space from the available free quota.

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