How to block / unblock gtalk friends on Google talk?


Sometimes specific Gtalk friends or contacts can be annoying and you want to get rid of them quickly. One easy way to avoid unwanted users on Gtalk is by blocking them. You can block any user on Google Talk and unblock it later if you wish to chat with previously blocked user.

Block gtalk friends on Google Talk

1. Login into Gtalk & allow friends or contact list to load.


2. Right click on Gtalk friend or contact that you want to block.
3. Then click on Block option and click OK on confirmation pop-up window.

Unblock gtalk friends on Google Talk

1. Login into Gtalk & click settings link at top right.


2. Click Settings option on the left menu to see blocked contacts.
3. Click to highlight blocked contact & click on unblock button.

Using above procedure you can block any Google Talk contact or friend and later unblock it to able to chat.

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