How to auto attach multiple files in email on Gmail?


We tend to send lot of email with attachments. By default, in one go we attach one file as attachment and repeat the same procedure to attach 2nd, 3rd and so on files. However, with a simple tricks you can select multiple files and attach them all in one go in Gmail.

Select & attach multiple files

1. Login into Gmail & click compose button for new email.


2. Click attach a file link under subject line box.
3. In explorer window, hold the Ctrl key and click multiple files that you want to attach and send with that specific email.

So, while selecting files during attachment hold the Ctrl key and click multiple files. Gmail will attach all selected files automatically and you can quickly send the email.

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  1. Multiple file attachment – CTRL trick does not work. I am using FireFox 3

    • for mac(safari) it’s “command+click”, just in case anyone is wondering. as for firefox try holding other keys like: function, control, shift, alt or option while you click. goodluck.

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