What are different edit layouts views in Microsoft Word?


Microsoft Word application can be used to create different types of documents based on content and final use. Hence, it has different views and layouts as per user requirement. You can switch between either of 4 views options available in Microsoft Word for comfortable document writing.

Different Views in Microsoft Word

ms-word-different-layout-views 1. Normal view – It is best view when using Microsoft Word to type only text. Other elements like photos etc have simplified view as against strict positioning in normal view.

2. Web Layout view – This view mode should be used when working with webpages in Microsoft Word. Alignment of different elements will appear as they would display in a web browser.

3. Print view – As the name suggests, it allows you to view all the elements like text, spacing, images etc as they would appear in printed form of current document.

4. Outline view – Each line has bullets and indents on the left. This view is useful while working with large MS word documents. You can easily jump to required part of document as a result of visible bullets and indents.

Change view / layout mode in MS Word

Goto view and click Normal or Web Layout or Print Layout or Outline to select and work in either of layout view in Microsoft Word. Read more here – how to change layout view in MS Word?

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