Can I upgrade from XP / Vista to 7 without data lose?


Windows 7 is a new operating system of Microsoft Windows family. As expected, many existing Windows XP and Vista users would like to upgrade to Windows 7. Both XP and Vista users can upgrade to new Windows 7 provided: their computer meet minimum Windows 7 system requirements or confirm on same using Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor tool.

XP to Windows 7 upgrade

windows-xp-logo-shotYES, Windows XP users can upgrade to Windows 7 but they could lose data during this process. XP users need to backup their data (like burning on DVDs, online backup) and then perform clean install on Windows 7.

Also, XP users can still buy Windows 7 Upgrade media and perform clean install using it. So backup and perform clean install to upgrade to Windows 7.

Vista to Windows 7 upgrade

windows-vista-logo-shotIt is all easy for Windows Vista users. They can buy Windows 7 Upgrade media and perform upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 without losing data. However, it is recommended to backup existing data on Vista computer to be on safe side.

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  1. I wish it was possible to upgrade without needing backup. That would make life easier

  2. I neither have the money nor an external hard drive to backup my files, is there a way to upgrade to 7 from Vista without losing everything? Because I’d like to keep as much as possible. My computer is used for school purposes and Vista keeps shutting it down randomly throughout tasks…not a good review for Vista. Still has all it’s old problems. Needs to be done away with for good if you ask me…

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