Can I install Windows 7 on Win Vista or XP computer?


If you are running Windows Vista on a computer, then you can most likely install new Microsoft operating system Windows 7 (seven) on it. However, if you are running Windows XP and want to run Windows 7  on it, then you need check system specifications with minimum requirement of Windows 7. You can easily check for XP / Vista to Windows 7 upgrade by installing and running test using free tool “Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor”.

Test using Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tool

1. Click here to download  Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Tool.
2. Double click downloaded file and start installation process.
3. After the install, run the tool and you will see following window.


4. Click Start Check button to check compatibity test for Window 7.


5. You will get test results showing which parts of the system that need upgrade for smooth installation and working of Windows 7 operating system on it.

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