Post Flickr photo updates on Facebook, automatically


Flickr is an awesome web service to upload, host and share photos. You can easily integrate Flickr and Facebook accounts to easily share Flickr updates with Facebook friends. After the integration, all new Flickr photo updates will be sent to your Facebook friends resulting in more visibility.

Setup Flickr updates on Facebook

1. GotoFlickr & login into your Flickr account.


2. Now click on the Extending Flickr tab.
3. Click link your accountnext to Facebook account option.

You will get Facebook login page which will authorize and integrate your accounts at Flickr & Facebook. Thereon all new Flickr photo updates will sent to Facebook.

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  1. What if you’re trying to do this for a company’s page? I am logged in the company page on Flickr but it goes to my personal FB page instead. I logged out of my FB page but there isn’t a separate log in for our company’s page that I know of.

  2. Hi,
    I followed your instructions but I don’t have the “your facebook account” option below the “your blog” one

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