Delete files & folders directly without sending to recycle bin


Ideally if we delete any file or folder it moves to recycle bin. From there we can restore deleted files or permanently delete files contained in the recycle bin. If you want that every file should be deleted directly from the computer without being sent to recycle bin, then read on for simple procedure.

Manually delete file / folder directly

Click and highlight any file, press hold SHIFT key and then hit the delete key. Selected file and folder will be deleted directly and wont be sent to recycle bin. So, delete using Shift + Del keys.

Configure recycle bin for direct deletion

You can configure recycle bin to delete all files being sent to it.
1. Right click on recycle bin icon and click properties option.


2. In Recycle bin properties window, check (tick) option “Dont move files to recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.
3. Click Apply, OK.

From now on all deleted files / folders wont not go to recycle bin and instead will be removed directly from the computer.

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