How to add Disqus comment box on Blogger blog?


Blogger introduced post embeded comment form after a long time. Though it has all the functionality, look-wise Blogger blog is not very attractive. If you are looking to add more professional looking and functional commenting system to your Blogger blog – checkout Disqus. It is a universal commenting system that is more user friendly and very easy to manage from Disqus interface.

Add Disqus to Blogger blog

1. Goto Disqus website and click get started button.
2. Add your Blogger blog details like: URL, website name & short name.
3. Then click done button and select Blogger platform on next page.
4. Download your exisiting blogger blog template on the computer. For this, login into your Blogger account and goto template > edit HTML


5. Then upload the downloaded template file to Disqus for auto addition of Disqus code in your template. You will get modified template code.

6. Goto Blogger Edit HTML, make sure Expand Widget Template option is checked and paste the modified template code in edit HTML template code area. Then click save change button.

7. Go to Settings > Comments and change the Comments Default for Posts to New Posts Do Not Have Comments. Your Blogger blog should now display Disqus comment box on single post pages.


New comment form has more field like we usually have on WordPress powered blogs. Comments are neatly formatted and you can subscribe to RSS feed to follow up comments. Besides, users of Disqus can directly comment on your blog using their repestive IDs for more connected approach. You can moderate comment on blog by logging into account at Disqus website. Give Blogger comment box a Disqus makeover!

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  1. how to add comment box to my own template (blogger)..i’m not using the blogger template

  2. says:

    If i use disqus, thats mean, i change my whole template to a new template? Sorry if i ask, ‘couse i just wanna make permanent form comment to bellow side of my blog. Thx

  3. hai..

    my form comment become two(disqus n default)..
    how to remove default blogger form ???

  4. Thanks for sharing,it is very useful.

  5. This is great – have heard recommendations from others before this post but now I’ll definitely have to check it out.

  6. Hi how do you remove the blogger default comment box, it appears underneath my disqus comment form? I would appreciate any help.

  7. plzz tell me how to create comment box in our site

  8. This is brilliant – I have just managed to get this installed at thanks to your instructions x

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  12. One of the main feature of using third party comment system is Reply option to comments which blogger lack.
    I recently saw this tutorial on How to add reply option to blogger comments and thought to share with you

  13. good site!

  14. installing disqus on my blogger blog now …
    so i should disable blogger old commenting method after i install disqus, yes ???

  15. wow..I have started using above said comment tool on my free share trading tips website called Keshank Consulting and it is working very well.

    I was always wondering how come Stock Broking Advisor and Financial Planner can have extra comment tool on his blog which provides free information to stock traders.

    Thanks for this.

  16. Thanks for the tips. It helped me a lot.

  17. Great tips, look forward to readying more of your articles.

  18. more easy tips here…

  19. I was looking for a post like that. Thank you so much.

  20. Thanks for the tips. It helped me a lot.

  21. Your tips helped me to use Disqus comment box to one of my blogger site. But I’ve not used all the tips of you.

  22. Hey, Its a gud post but after downloading I can’t find a link to upload my template in!! please help noe.

  23. his is brilliant – I have just managed to get this installed at thanks to your instructions x

  24. I have installed disqus. It works on main page of blogger. It appears below all my article. The problem is disqus doesn’t work on additional pages

    To make it clear:
    1. Disqus works well here

    2. Disqust doesn’t work on additional pages

    Please advise what I should do.

  25. CP lover says:

    hi, um, how do you add a comment box without downloading anything? Thanks!:)

  26. I am just amazed by your tips i can’t wait to use them on my blog.

    keep it up!

  27. If I install this , will I be notified when I get comments . Like blogger;s original comment system , does it show comments on the comment page of my blogger’s dashboard .

  28. about my thinking it’s tips very good & it helped me a lot.

  29. Thanks for this information. I am going to try to put this on my financial website

  30. Very interesting information, is certainly helpful to me. Thanks for the instructions

  31. This will definitely help me. Thanks for the instructions

  32. Financial planning in Chandigarh says:

    Thanks for the tips. It helped me .

  33. abu laila says:

    can you tell me how i can get to the place where i upload my template to have it edited? thank you

  34. really nice tutorial……i applied this one on my site….

    thnx a lot…..

  35. Abi Sabila says:

    I just installed Disqus on my blog …
    Now i see Disqus commenting box, and my old blogger commenting box …
    So how do I remove the blogger comment box from the articles ???
    Help appreciated …
    Thank you ….

  36. before reading this post, I tried several times to add disqus on my blogger. But after reading this post, I have added disqus.

  37. diminished car value says:

    I have failed in many times to add disqus on my blogger. But after reading this post, I have succeeded add disqus.

  38. I have tried following all your steps, but I don’t see step 5 in Disqus, the uploading template screen. I like to include, name, email and website on the comment box just like the one you have here. How do I do that?

  39. jayachandran says:

    this what i call as pro blogging…..
    thanks to you..

  40. I must agree that this is a very good wordpress plugin, and i recommend using it to minimise spam in key with also using something like askimet.

  41. Shalu Sharma says:

    Thank you for this tip. I also want to add disqus to a blogger site, it makes commenting easier.

  42. Disqus is really a great comment widget.. I always wanted to add it into my blog.. but I didn’t know how. And bro for your post.. Now I will add disqus. 🙂

  43. Should i add a FB comment box or a normal comment box in my blog ???

    Suggestions ??

    • You may use both WordPress comment box along Facebook comment box and provide more commenting options for your visitors.

  44. POS system says:

    Very informative post. May I ask what is the best of the best comment box aside from disqus? I mean disqus is the best but I wanna know is theres is one better

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