Safe browsing: Check any website for Phishing in IE


Phishingis a fradulent way to extract sensitive and important user data using fake interface / website. On internet, one may come across phishing (fake) website that could be collecting user information. For example, someone might setup fake banking website similar to popular banking website and grab login information of bank account and credit card information.

If you are not sure about website being surfed in internet explorer as being genuine or fake and suspect it as phishing website – make sure you check it using phishing filter in internet explorer.

Check website for Phishing

1. Openwebsite in IE to check for phishing.
2. Goto menu Tools > Phishing Filter > Check this website


3. After quick scan you will get pop-up window with message informing yes or no phishing status of that website. This is a quick way of knowing if website you are trying to access is genuine or fake.

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