How to identify malware, trojan infected website or blog?


Just like data on computer gets infected with viruses – websites / blogs can also get similar infection, They get infected with trojans, viruses, malware as a result of malicious code, javascripts, iframes and injection attack. Google drops infected websites from its index thereby preventing spread of infection to visitors computer.

Identify malware, trojan infection

Google scans each website or blog URL in its index for possible malware and trojan infection. Google marks unsafe weblinks as “this site may harm your computer” on search result page. Also, users can access diagnostic report for any website URL in Google index. Just open following URL and replace with actual website URL

It shows detailed report about: When Google scanned that website? – How many infections were found? – Which are related URLs for spread of infection? This Google safe browsing diagnostic page can easily help you identify if website is infected or safe to visit.

Free tool to check infected websites

Alternatively, you can install free AVG link scanner. It marks each website on Google search results as safe or unsafe to visits based on its real time scanning.

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