How to show, embed, hotlink Picasa Web photos on blog?


For Picasa Web beginners, trying to figure out way to embed, show or hotlink photos from their Picasa Web account is not easy. Like many free photo hosting services, Picasa also restricts unlimited hotlinking of photos stored in Picasa Web account. However, you can still hotlink images upto 800px X 600px size on your website or blog. Besides large image hotlinking, you can also display small thumbnail with link to original large size photo as on Picasa photo webpage.

Embed & Show Picasa Web photos

1. Goto Picasa Web and login into your account. Then click on specific photo album and click on specific photo in the album that you want to embed and display on your blog or website.
2. Click arrow next to “Link to this photo” option on the right sidebar. It will show number of other option like: link, embed image, select size.


3. Select the size of image you want to display from the drop down menu. Then copy the code and paste on your blog or website. It will show image which user can click and visit specific Picasa webpage to see original sized image.

Hotlink Picasa Web photos

4. Repeat above steps 1,2. Say you want to hotlink image of 800px in size. Select 800px size option from the drop down and copy the embed code. Now paste that code in notepad and only keep the highlighted part of the code (as shown in image below).


After you remove specific part of code and only keep <img> code intact – paste it on your blog or website. It will show your Picasa Web image hotlinked on your blog which users cannot click and visit original Picasa photo webpage.

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