How to remove solid background color from desktop icons?


Desktop icons with blue background color looks so bad and annoying. It makes desktop look tacky with lot of irritating blue color splashed on beautiful desktop wallpaper. You can easily remove this background color from desktop icons and make the background transparent.

Make desktop icons background transparent

1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. Then double click on System Icon, system properties window will open.
2. Click on Advanced tab in System properties window.


3. Click Settings button next to performance option.
4. Under Visual effects tab, check (or tick) option “Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop”. Background color of desktop icons will be set to transparent instead of ugly looking solid blue color.


You only need to perform above in Windows XP powered computer. Desktop icon background is set to transparent by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. zikrullah says:

    My actual problem is blue background behind desktop icons is diplaying. I follow your steps but problem is same till now.

    • Poondi Thasan says:

      Hi, I think the below steps we will help for you.

      1. Right click on mycomputer
      2. propertise [Select]
      3. Advanced tab [Select]
      4. Setting in Performance [Select]
      5. Visual Effects [Select]
      6. Let windows choose what’s best for my computer. [Select]
      6. finally click on apply. [Select]

      • thanks, really help!

      • Thanks for this suggestion

        • If you are using a computer which is not only yours, and others use it frequently and always put a finger in every PROHIBITED pies (settings) in Windows XP, you might have encountered the problem that I have just had.

          I had Desktop Icons with annoying colored background which stopped me from enjoying the beauty of my desktop wallpaper. I tried some of the ways that I always use to fix the problem. None of them worked. I did some googling and some solutions found again. They were all the same as I already knew. I’ll put them all here; then I offer my own solution as the last resort.

          1st suggestion:

          – Right click on the desktop and hover on “Arrange Icons By”.
          – From the appeared sub-menu, select “Lock Web Items on Desktop”.
          – If it is checked, “uncheck” it.

          2nd suggestion (alternative for the 1st suggestion):

          – Right click on the desktop and select “Properties”.
          – “Display Properties” window appears. Click on the “Desktop” tab.
          – Click on the “Customize Desktop” button.
          – On the “Desktop Items” you can add/remove or modify desktop items. Check “Lock desktop items” from the “Web” tab.

          3rd suggestion (Achilles heel):

          – Right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties”.
          – Choose the “Advanced” tab, then click on the “Setting” button.
          – You can check or uncheck the settings to the ones preferred.

          If you are not sure of the appropriate settings, you may choose “Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer” or “Adjust for best appearance” as well.

          I, myself, prefer the last solution because I did fixed mine using the last.

          • thanks for your information. i applied your 1 suggestion and i solve the problem .


          • Alexander Wright says:

            Thanks, I had tried many ways, but it was becuase my web items were locked.
            Thanks again

      • Govindaraj says:

        thanks, really help!

  2. I had the same problem. I changed my desktop background with a picture in png format. I have tried all solutions I have found googling. None of them was useful. I changed my picture format from png to jpeg and put it as desktop background again. This solved my problem. Hope this will be helpful.

    • Hi i tried ur idea also. but still the problem isn’t solved.

    • BRILLIANT – thank you so much – my icon names went “solid background” – I tried one or two things – your solution fixed it for me – in fact it was quite easy for me in the end – I did right click properties on the desktop area – under “desktop” I put to “none” – then I reselected what I had and the icons went back to normal – BEST regards

  3. This problem is only caused when we have selected the option of “Lock Web Items on Desktop”. To turn it off, right click on the desktop and go to “Arrange Icons By” and uncheck the option of “Lock Web Items on Desktop”.

    so uncheck this option and enjoy

  4. hey thanx !
    it worked for my problem…

  5. My actual problem is blue background behind desktop icons is diplaying. I follow your steps but problem is same till now. Please tell how to rectify it. it was most urgent to me

  6. Thnaks Very Much I solve the problam

  7. Hooray Prem! says:

    That’s what fixed it finally. Thank you! –Karen

  8. I’ve tried all of these things and nothing has worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  9. Desktop> Right click> Properties> Desktop> Customize Desktop> Web> then u’ll see couple of web pages just uncheck all… and press OK…
    this will definitely help u…

    • there is no any list of web pages.. there is only ‘My current home page’ and i un checked it also but dosen’t work.

      • This worked for me:

        A) Right click desktop > Properties > Desktop > Cuztomize Desktop > Web > Uncheck ALL Boxes

        B) Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Adjust the contrast for text and colors on your screen > Uncheck “Use High Contrast”

        You should be all good. Of course, this assumes you already have “Use drop shadow for icon label…” already checked.

        Part B is what solved my problem, since I had already done A.

        • Part B did it for me. I totally forgot about accessibility options in control panel. I tried Accessibility found under accessories in the start menu and was presented several different options and none of them lead me to High Contrast Mode!

        • All right!!! You are awesome. After trying all suggestions, your part A worked for me. Thnx a million bro.

    • lakshmikanth.vajje says:

      Thanks, it worked for me……

    • Thanks a lot sant bohara. I tried everything written from the very top but nothing worked. yours was the right answer thankyou.

    • This one really helped me. Thanks a lot Bernard. 🙂

    • Thameem Tharik says:

      Its working. thank you

    • Thanks a tonn…. I was annyed with this very long…. 🙂

    • hey thnx a was really annoying bt now that irritating blue colr is gone.. thnxx

    • superb dude, urs is the simple way…………………………… n it worked,..,..,.,.,.,., thank u

    • Thanks a lot Bernard!!!
      For me only this option worked out.

    • This worked for me, thanks for saving me the time and aggravation of trying to figure this out on my own! My problem began when I tried to save a photo to my desktop that was imbedded in an e-mail. I should have created a file instead of dropping the scrap to my desktop and saying yes to the window that popped up. I tried all of the suggestions above. The only thing that worked was the following: Desktop> Right click> Properties> Desktop> Customize Desktop> Web> then you will see a couple of web pages just uncheck all and press OK and this might fix your problem.

    • Thanks I’ve looked everywhere…this was the solution…TY!!!

    • thanks a lot dear friend

    • Thanks a lot buddy…..this option was the best

    • ohh thanks alot i tryed all the all the suggestions that have been writen here and only your’s helped thanks !!!! =)

    • This is the only solution that worked for me, thank you

    • Wow… its really fantastic, thanks a lot, you solved my problem!

    • Saurabh goyal says:

      Superb…..I was looking for the solution since last few months.
      But this solutions helped me.

    • thank you so much . it work 🙂

    • Thanks.. Problem resolved by using your suggestion i.e. Desktop > Right Click > Properties > Desktop Tab > Customize Desktop > Web Tab > Uncheck listed items

    • Thank you so much, I tried all the other solutions above and this one finally worked. What got me into this mess in the first place was that I tried to lift a picture from an e-mail and put it on my desktop without knowing what I was doing. By finally undoing the link back to the e-mail I was able to restore the transparency on my icons

    • Thanks a lots .. this one really worked 🙂

  10. hey thanx alot it worked….

  11. go to control pannel

  12. VISHAL JOSHI says:



  13. s1mpleone says:

    this work for me..

  14. hey thanx prem singh it worked for me

  15. hey thanx prem singh it worked for me

  16. How to remove solid background color from desktop icons?

    If above solution is not working then follow the following steps

    1. Start > Control Panel > Display > Click on Desktop Tab > Click on Customize Desktop Button > Select Web Tab > Uncheck all Check Boxes in Web Pages Text Area > OK > OK

  17. Thank you, i followed your steps, and it helped me a lot……..

  18. my desktop screen is having solid icon color but also my screen is fully white background wallpaper is not seen though it is showing in properties > desktop that a wall paper is set. and also i think active desktop is on what is it and how to off it?

  19. jolly molly says:

    i have already tried to solve it by using the suggestions of 1. checking the visual effects but nothing works. 2.unchecking all Check Boxes in Web Pages Text Area > OK > OK but eventhough i click on the wed pages a tick comes and i click ok but nothing happens and the web pages are still there marked with ticks. pls pls help me to clear all the problems. i m really terrified of all this afraid this does not create any serious problems.

  20. Thanks

  21. thanks its work…………

  22. u r hero! thnx a lot

  23. Thank you, it worked

  24. at last uncheck lock web items on desktop worked…. this is only reason of this prob as u change anything in internet options that applies here. so uncheck that and enjoy

  25. I can bet this will sure gonna work =
    1.Go to desktop
    2. Right click
    3.Click Desktop
    4.Customize Desktop
    5. Click Web option
    6. Unmarked all
    7. Apply & Ok
    8. Have Fun 🙂 \m/

  26. u rock bro

  27. Thank you so much…It works…….

  28. Microworld says:

    Another solution: Change desktop color quality to Medium (16bit.)
    1. Go to desktop
    2. Right click and select Properties
    3. Click Settings
    4. Change color quality to Medium (16bit.)
    5. Apply & Ok

    • Phuong Nguyen says:

      Thank you so much.I changed color quality to Medium (16bit) then I changed colỏ quality to medium (32 bit) again. And it worked for me . I’m so happy about that

  29. thanks A-lot

  30. thank you so much, finally i got the solution.

  31. Mohammed Irfan says:

    I too had this problem. I read somewhere in forms and got rid of that.
    the solution is
    01. Right click on My computer
    02. Click properties
    03. Go to advanced tab.
    04. Under Performance click Settings
    05. Unchecked all options here and save.
    06. Right click on Desktop
    07. Under Desktop go to Customize Desktop.
    08. click Web tab, and make sure to unchecked Lock desktop items.
    09. Right click on My computer
    10. Click properties
    11. Go to advanced tab.
    12. Under Performance click Settings
    13. checked all options here and save. 🙂 Done hope its work for you all.

  32. Unchecked it and it worked! Genius. Small things but online gets a lot of help.

  33. haroonlovely says:

    one more trick to solve this issue is.
    go to desktop and right click and select Properties.
    in the top menus go to Appearance
    and select the Color Scheme. and select Olive Green and then click on apply and wait for a.minute. it will change ur hole color theme. i dont like the green color then change again the color scheme on Default and apply then ur hole system color problem will be solved.

  34. that was exactly what i wanted.. thanxx really helped 🙂

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