How to read RSS Feed file online using Google Reader?


RSS Feed is an awesome way to read website content without actually going to a website. RSS stands for really simple syndicate and each website has its unique RSS feed file which can be used to read its regularly updated content. You can read contents of any RSS feed file without installing anything using online Google Reader.

Read RSS Feed file in Google Reader

1. Open Google Reader website in your web browser.
2. Click Add Subscription button located at top-left.


3. Then enter RSS Feed URL of website of your interest. For example, RSS Feed URL of Techf5 is:
4. Click add button and you will see that website listing in left sidebar.


5. Click on website title in left sidebar and you will latest articles from that website in right column. You can click on any article title to read full article within Google Reader.

Cannot see Full articles?

Certain websites do not publish full content in their RSS feed file. They only display title and few starting words of articles. You need to click through article title and visit webpage of that article to read full text. Still, RSS feed is a handy way to stay updated with articles on your favorite websites in one interface of Google Reader, try out!

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