Take screenshot of active window without background


“Print Screen Sysrq” key comes real handy for taking screenshot of anything on the screen. We have already seen procedure to take screenshot of any website using Print Screen and saving it on the computer. At times we only need screenshot of active opened window without the background mess. Even this is possible using Print Screen in combination of another key.

Take Screenshot of active window

With so many windows opened on your computer, click and highlight the window whose screenshot you want to take. Then press Print Screen Sysrq + Alt key at the same time to capture screenshot of only active opened window on the computer.


Save the screenshot

To save the screenshot: goto Start > Run, type mspaint and click OK. Microsoft Paint will open and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot (alternatively, you can goto edit > paste). Then click File > Save as to save the screenshot on computer.

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  1. It’s a nice trick. BTW I knew about it 😀

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