Remove underline for spelling mistakes in MS Word


Microsoft Word has useful feature of spell check that put colored underline for words with incorrect spellings and grammar. Sometimes this feature can be annoying while working with Word documents containing words from different language written in English. This can result in too many words with underline (even though they could be correct) and distract normal reading routine.

Disable underline for incorrect words

We can easily disable this feature so that no word is shown with an underline. In MS Office 2003, goto Tools > Optios. In the options window, click Spellings and Grammar tab. Then check option “Hide spelling errors in this document”, click OK and its all done.


In MS Office 2007, click the Office Orb button (top left) and then click Word options button. Now click proofing option and then uncheck “Check spelling as you type” and “Mark grammar errors as you type”, click OK and its all done.

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