Translate, edit & save Wikipedia articles in other languages


Wikipedia is a huge knowledge resource with information on every topic you might be looking for. There are times, we need specific Wikipedia article in specific language of choice. Now you can use Google Translator Toolkit service to translate, edit and save any Wikipedia article in language of your choice.

Translate & Save Wikipedia articles

1. Open Google Translator Toolkit and login using Google account.
2. Click on upload button and then click Wikipedia article tab among other options like local file, webpage and Knol.
3. Enter URL of original Wikipedia article. For example, we enter URL for Wikipedia article on Microsoft –


4. Assign name to your article and select translate to language from drop down box.
5. Click the Upload for translation button. You will see original and translated document in the following form.


You can double click to edit any part of the translated text and perform manual editing as required. Once you are done with editing, save the document in your Google account for future reference and sharing.

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  1. One of my concerns is that many translators will not pay enough energy to translate and refine the Wikipedia articles and will leave many articles as is after the machine translation. I think Wikipedia articles that were translated using this tool should be tagged. The toolkit can also be used by professional freelancers working as translators in services like (which by the way – I deeply recommend both for translators and for translation buyers).

  2. the google translator si a nice free tool that you can get online,,~

  3. google translator is great but sometimes there are so many errors on the translation ,-*

  4. Google Translator Toolkit is a CAT tool. It’s not supposed to give a full translation, but to help translators (they have to edit the machine translation and usually, depending on the language pair, translate from scratch, as the machine translation is, sometimes, senseless). It supports glossaries, translation memories and segmentation. It’s not TRADOS, but it is a free and nice option for beginners. And a good way to translate Wikipedia.

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