Change & add new background to image in photoshop


Changing background of any image can give radical makeover and make image look more attractive. It is important to select right kind of image for usage as background for specific images. This involves working with image layers and editing each layer for required changes (dont worry, its easy!).

Change Image background

1. Morph background and foreground images, Read this tutorial first
2. Drag to bring background image layer on top of other image.


3. Set the opacity of background image to 60% by moving slider.
4. Now you can see both background and foreground image as a result of morphing. Click the Eraser tool (on the left toolbar).


5. Make sure you select required brush settings for the eraser tool. These are shown at the top bar with options like: mode, opacity and flow (see pic).
6. With Eraser tools selected, using mouse start removing part of the background image covering women’s face and body. Have patience and carefully remove required part of image. You can reduce size of brush while removing finer areas like fingers, arms, hair etc.


7. After removing, change opacity of background image from 60% to 100% and see your image sporting all new colorful background.

Now attempt changing background of any image in Photoshop. You can download images as used in above tutorial. Image1 (GrooveShark Wallpaper) – Image2 (Bipasha in Fa Advt).

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