How to Morph, Merge & Overlap images in photoshop?


Photoshop can be used to morph images real quick and easy. Morphing results in all new image derived from two or more parent images. This can be used to add cool effects to ordinary looking images. Morphing is done using Layers, here is dead simple starter tutorial to do morphing in Photoshop.

Morph images in Photoshop

1. Open Photoshop and 2 images to be used for morphing.
2. Click File > New and then click OK for a blank canvas.
3. Now highlight opened image, press Ctrl+A to selectwhole image, Ctrl+C to copy.
4. Now highlight blank canvas and press Ctrl+V to paste 1st image.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for second image and canvas will have 2 images.


6. See bottom right for 2 image layers, drag to move women image above background pic.
7. Change Opacity and Fill %age and do morph as per requirement. Similarly, you can more images and morph / merge accordingly.


Now attempt morphing of images in Photoshop. You can download and morph images, as used in above tutorial. Image1 (GrooveShark Wallpaper) – Image2 (Bipasha in Fa Advt)

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