Set location / zipcode for localized Bing search results


Bing search allows you to view search results as per your geographical location. Results are filtered and shown more relevant based on the city or country selected by the user. You can also get localized Bing search results by setting location or zipcode for your location.

Set Location / zipcode on Bing

1. Open Bing and click country name (top right).
2. SelectUnited States (English) from the country list.
3. Click Extras > Preferences (top right)


4. Bing will show your current search location. You can change the location by adding city and state or postal code of your region and allows Bing to show localized search results.

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  1. JER0EN R0LAND says:

    After close the browser, i lost settings in bing when cookie deleting.
    I don’t need to show my location , or redirect user for ip address likes Google doing .

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