Disable / Turn-off auto suggestion box on Bing Search


Bing decision search offer refreshing way to search web. Just like Google search it has auto suggestion drop down box. This can be useful for some users while other users might find it really annoying. You can easily disable or turn off this auto suggestion box and search on Bing in peace.

Disable Auto Suggestion box

1. Open Bing decision search.
2. Then click Extras > Preferences (top-right).
3. Under web settings, uncheck (no-tick) next to “Turn suggestions on” for Search suggestions. Click save changes and pop-up suggestion box should not appear.


You can directly turn OFF suggestion box by clicking Turn OFF link at the bottom of suggestion pop-up box (see image). Also see: disable auto suggestion Google Search

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  1. Awesome help! Thanks!

  2. this is only a bandaid why must we have to do this everytime we log on . saving this means nothing once you log off you have to repeat this step each time. its the most annoying feature and truth be told i bet 95% of users either do not use this “feature” as it is so wrongly called, or are so annoyed by it they are also searching for another browser that lets THEM decide their own preferences and can set them as they really use them

  3. I agree with Mike. It took me a while to realize I had to turn it off manually each time. I thought it was my problem. It’s Bing’s. Now I’ll use another search engine.

  4. Thanks Mike. I thought it was me. I’ll use another search engine.

  5. Doesnt Microsoft offer a URL to turn it off permanently like their competitor Google ? If Microsoft wants to become the leader, they need to match and exced their competitors. This is not a hard option. PUT THE DAM URL IN !!

    I hate Google, but I wont tolerate it with Microsoft either. Thats OK because DUCKDUCKGO.com has all of the best of Google and MS with all the privacy and options. Word has just not gotten out to the masses yet.

  6. Avoid google and bing says:

    I avoid google, you can’t hate what you don’t use; I don’t use google for anything, it’s a marketing scammers paradise, your search is interpreted into a “wanted” and all you get is advertisements from fools who pay google, who represents to them that people DO WATCH their ads. Yes, and I have a couple acres on the moon that I am selling cheap. What google does not tell them is that people DO NOT WANT ADS and they avoid them.

    As to bing, I agree it is total programming stupidity to not have a way to permanently turn off the settings. But who ever said that microsoft is a smart company? they’re only out for a dollar, I keep hoping for the day when a smarter Operating System puts microsoft out of business forever!

    eventually, enough people will be so pissed they will put both google and bing out of business. Like the witch Mauve in the movie “Merlin”, if you turn your back on her, she ceases to exist.

    • If you use Firefox open your browser, type about:config into your address bar. Search for Google in those settings. You might be surprised to find out you are still using Google services if you use Firefox.

      If you use Internet Explorer it may or may not be different. Microsoft doesn’t even let you view these settings, let alone change them.

  7. russ mac mann says:

    turn the damn thing off and leave it off. make it turn on only

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