How to auto fill column data in MS Excel?


Managing columns of different types of data can be little difficult at times. If you are using standard sequential data like 1,2,3 and so on – using auto fill feature in Microsoft Excel saves lot of time and effort. Using this, you can enter data automatically in different columns.

Auto Fill column data

1. Enter the data in different columns like January in first column and number 1 in second column. Now select both the columns.


2. After selection, a square pointer will appear on the bottom-right part of the selection. Drag it down it rows you want data for.


3. As you drag, auto fill feature will input relevant data. Like first column will have names of different months, while second column will have number listings.

Similarly you can auto fill other types of data. For example if you want each row to have 2 for every row, enter 2 in first and second row of the same column and then drag it. If you want any other sequence, enter that sequence of words or numbers for 2-3 rows in same column and drag to see the related auto generated data.

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