How to publish RSS feed automatically on Twitter account?


For starters, Twitter is a micro-blogging web service where you tell the world ‘What are your doing now?’ Taking bath, reading book or just wrote an article – you can publish all this. In case you run a blog or website and want to publish RSS Feed content automatically on your Twitter timeline updates, read on.

Publish RSS Feed on Twitter

1. Goto TwitterFeed website and login using your existing account at Yahoo, Google, Open ID etc.

2. Click on Authenticate at twitter link. You will get Twitter login page, enter your login details and authenticate your Twitter account.

3. Enter RSS Feed URL of your blog or website and click test RSS Feed link to check if RSS feed is valid and working fine.

4. Configure other options including: title, description, item publishing sequence. It is recommended to use already selected default settings.


5. Click Create button and your TwitterFeed account will list newly added RSS Feed. Wait for few hours to see first update being published by TwitterFeed on your Twitter account (provided you have new content in specified RSS Feed URL).

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