How to replace / change specific image color in Photoshop?


There are times we need to change one or few selected colors in a photo.  Photoshop comes real handy in changing any color in a photo to color of your choice. It produces refined results without end user knowing about manual color replacement done to an image.

Replace specific color in photos

1. Open Photoshop. Goto File > Open and browse to open any image stored on your computer. With image opened, goto Images > Adjustments > Replace Color.


2. Replace Color window will open. Now using mouse, click part of image to select the color you want to replace. That part will be highlighted in Replace Color window. You can use Fuzziness slider to increase or decrease area of select part of image.


3. To change the color, move the hue slider to right or left and see which color fits best. You can also configure brightness and saturation using respective sliders. Here is the final result:


You can repeat above procedure to replace another color in the selected image. Simple way to replace any color in any image on the fly – no will ever know, right?

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