How to batch resize Images quickly in Photoshop?


Sometimes we need to resize number of images contained in a folder. Performing resize manually one by one takes lot of time and effort. You can cut the time and effort by batch resizing images quickly within photoshop application.

Steps to batch resize images

1. Open Photoshop and goto File > Scripts > Image Processor


2. In the Image processor window, select the folder containing images that should be resized. Alternatively, you can open few images in Photoshop and select option ‘Use Open Images’ for resize procedure.

3. Select the destination folder where final resized images should be stored


4. Select the output file type among: JPEG, PSD and TIFF. Also select the images quality parameter and image dimension among fit to size or custom size.

5. Click Run button to resize selected images. Using this feature you can quickly resize images in no time.

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