How to curve, punch & skew text in Photoshop?


Usually we get to see lot of horizontally written text. To add more creativity and style to written text in document, images, logos – you can render curve or skew effect to text in Photoshop. It gives all new character to text being written by giving little fat or thin effect at edges or in the middle.

Steps to skew or curve text

1. Start with a fresh canvas, goto File > Open. Then click on the text tool and click on the canvas to write any text as required.


2. Click on the Wrap text tool below the menu bar and to right of text color selection square.


3. In the Wrap text dialog box, select either of listed curve style using drop down box. You can customize curve effect by using sliders for distortion and bend settings (vertical or horizontal).

4. See the text Curve effect in action.


You can couple this curve effect with other text effect and create awesome looking sophisticated text in Photoshop. This effect can be part of next cool looking logo made in Photoshop, tryout!

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