How to transfer Yahoo email & contacts to Gmail?


Do you want to switch email provider from Yahoo Mail to Gmail? If yes, you can easily perform this transition and transfer all your Yahoo Mail contents to a Gmail account. To get started, you need to create a new Gmail account and transfer contents of Yahoo Mail using following:

Steps to transfer Yahoo to Gmail

1. Login into newly created Gmail account. Then click Settings link at top-right part of screen.

2. Now click Accounts and Import tab under Settings window. Then click Import Mail and Contacts button to get started.

3. Now select what you need to transfer from Yahoo to Gmail. Options include: import contacts, import mails, import new mail for next 30 day. It is recommended to select all. You can also add optional label to mark all transfered email messages.


Now wait for 24-48 hours for your Yahoo Mail messages to appear in Gmail account. If you do not see Accounts and Import option under settings, don’t be suprised. This option is available in new Gmail accounts and will be available in all Gmail accounts very soon. [Image Credit]

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    This won’t preserve your labels 🙁 Instead I found an online app that does:

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