What the hell is Twitter all about?


Are you tired of seeing Twitter bird and caption ‘follow me’ on different websites all over the internet? Is this making you eager to join Twitter but you don’t know – what the hell is Twitter all about? Officially, Twitter is all about – what are you doing?

Twitter simplified

Yes, it is a website to get social and make friends /share. Once you make an account on Twitter, you can write about activities you are doing now. Don’t be surprised if you see updates like: I am eating dinner, going for movie tomorrow, have you heard that song? After you create an account you can allow other Twitter users to interact with you by concept of ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’.


‘Following’ are users whose updates you want to track like group of friends. While ‘followers’ are Twitter users who are interested in your updates and follow you. Still sounds complex? Well, make a free account at Twitter and get experimenting. It ain’t that difficult!

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