How to start computer in Safe Mode?


There are times we need to start the computer in safe mode to troubleshoot and fix issues with Windows. This is called minimalistic mode, where only basic files, drivers and programs are loaded. Hence with only critical programs are active we can easily identify program causing specific issue.

What is Safe mode?

Safe mode loads Windows with only basic drivers and files. For example, startup programs do not load in safe mode. In safe mode, display is pretty bad as video drivers do not load. Also, there is no internet connection in safe mode.

Steps to start PC in Safe Mode

1. Make sure there is no dics in CD / DVD or floppy drive. Also, no additional external device like USB or pen drive should be connected to computer. Now click on start and reboot / restart the computer.

2. As the computer restarts and you see the manufacturer logo on dark screen (like Dell logo or Acer logo) continuously tap F8 key. This should be done before the Windows start logo. If you see Windows logo, repeat above steps.

3. You may get option to select operating system, make a selection, press Enter. Now you get advanced boot screen with options like Repair your computer, Safe mode, Safe mode with networking, Normal mode and many more.

4. Select Safe mode option and press the enter key. You will get desktop screen with fudged colors (video drivers don’t load in safe) and no internet connection. You will also get safe mode written at each corner of the desktop screen.

To boot out of safe mode, just restart or reboot the computer. This time, do not press any key and let the computer boot to the desktop screen. Alternatively, you can press F8 at startup screen and select normal mode.

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