How to import & copy from PDF into Word file?


Computer users find it hard dealing with PDF files. Most of us have Acrobat reader to view PDF files but don’t install Adobe Acorbat software (paid software) to manipulate PDF files at hand. There are number of free alternative ways to manage PDF files on Windows and Mac systems.

Convert PDF to Word

You can easily convert a PDF file into (d0c) Microsoft Word file. After conversion you can copy and use contents of converted Microsoft Word file anywhere you want. There are number of free online and offline options for PDF to Word conversion.

Online options does not involve any installation. Just open either following web tools in your web browser and perform conversion online. This method is best suited for small sized PDF files. You can quickly convert PDF to Word files on the fly without having to install any plugin or standalons software. Online options include:
PDF to Word, Zamzar, PDF to Word, free PDF converter, Fast PDF

Offline options include dedicated converter software. It your computer is not connected to internet all the time, then download these converter apps for PDF to Word conversion is better alterantive. Also, if you intend to convert lot of PDF files into Word document files, then downloading converter software is better option for conversion. Offline options include:
HelloPDF to Word convertor, Some PDF

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