Video is no longer available error on Youtube


Are you getting ‘We are sorry this video is no longer available’ while trying to watch a Youtube video? This error does not indicate any issue with your computer or internet connection. The cause of this error can be attributed to Youtube or user who uploaded the video you are trying to view.

How to fix this error?

Try refreshing the webpage by hitting F5 key or refresh button. If you still get the same error on the black screen suggest, the specific video  has been removed by Youtube. Many videos are deleted by Youtube due to copyright infringement or adult content. This means there is no way to watch the video you are trying to view.

Websites to view deleted Youtube videos

There are number of websites that claim to host and show deleted Youtube videos. Such websites include: DelTube, ReviveTube and deletedYoutube (NSFW content!). As expected, most of these website no longer work. YouTomb seem to be only working website to view deleted Youtube videos at the moment!

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