How to recover Norton software product key ID ?


Norton is a very popular security software. It offers number of software variants to different type of users. There are times we need to reinstall Norton software and forget to save related product key before hand. In such situation, you can use either of following ways to recover Norton software product key.

CD cover & Email records

First place to check for product key is CD cover. Usually, product key is printed on a slip pasted on the CD cover. Many of us throw CD covers, so next place to look for is email records. Check details in confirmation email of your Norton product purchase.

Check your Norton account

Open your Norton software and check for ‘Norton account’ option at top right part. If you don’t have Norton account, create one. Then sign-in to your Norton account and click on specific Norton product in your account. Grab your Norton product Key ID as in the Norton account.

Utility to recover Product key

If you already have Norton installed on the computer and trying to recover the product key – then try utility AIDA32. This utility displays system information and can be used to recover Norton product key. After it is installed, goto Software > Licenses or Software > Anti-Virus. If still no go, contact vendor or Norton support.

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