How to optimize images for best quality & less size?


Image optimization is an art of striking balance between image display quality and image file size. Final image should be saved in specific image format with settings, so that it looks good and has least possible size (in kb / mb). There are number of way to optimize images.

Selecting Image format

Chosing specific image format for specific images is very important. Generally, we use JPG, PNG and GIF image formats to save image in optimied form. For real life images like party or vacation photos, JPG (JPEG) is best image format with 65% – 85% image quality settings. PNG is best for saving vector image like a cartoon photos and GIF is best for saving image with written text.


Tools for Image optimization

You can use Photoshop to save any image in any format with highly optimized image settings (read this tutorial for more). There are number of online image optimization tools with basic image options like, Vector Magic, Pixizer and Reshade. So, are you optimizing images now?

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