Make picture Collage in different styles with Picasa


Google Picasa is a free image viewing and editing software from Google. You can create awesome videos and collages from images stored on your computer. To get started, download and install Google Picasa on your computer.

Create Collage of images

1. Open Google Picasa and view folder containing images that should be used in the collage. Then select photos by holding down Ctrl key and clicking on individual images. 2. Then Goto Create menu option and click on Picture Collage. You will get a new tab window with suffled up selected images and settings window on the left.


3. First select the style of picture collage. By default you will get Picture Pile style with shuffled up images. Other styles include: Mosaic, Grid, Contact Sheet, Multiple exposure etc. 4. You can also select the background color or use any image on computer as background image for the collage. Click on Create Collage button and your collage will be saved as JPG image.

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