How to create movie or video from photos?


Creating a movie video can give new dimension and fresh look to your personal photos. Besides, you can share lots of photos in a single video file. There are number of free software and tools available to create movies from personal photos.

Free software to create movie

Google Picasa is one cool free image processing software from Google. Just select bunch of images and go to create > movie. You can preview the movie real time and upload to Youtube using direct link of left menu. [Detailed Steps here]

Windows Movie Maker is free application from Microsoft to make quick movies from photos and much more. Select, drag bunch of photos to make quick video. You can also add transitions and sounds to the final video created from selected photos.

Online Tools to create movie

SlideShow at Slideroll is a free online service to quickly create videos from personal photos. You can publish slideshows on the internet, put them on MySpace or YouTube or e-mail them to friends.

Animoto is another web service to create video from photos. You can create a free video upto 30 seconds enough to pack in 10-15 photos. Interface is very simple and easy to use.

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