Prevent recording of Google Talk chats & go off the record


We have already seen how to access previous Google Talk chat record archive. Some users prefer NO recording of chats being done on Google Talk. We can easily disable chat recording, this can be done for a specific chat session or for all chats on Google Talk.


Disable specific chat session recording

1. Login into Google Talk.
2. Click on any buddy name to start the chat.
3. Before you start the chat, click arrow > Go off the record (see pic)

Disable all chat recording

1. Login into Google Talk.
2. Click on Settings link at top right part.
3. Click on Chat tab on the left and then select option ‘Do not save chat history in my Gmail account’.

From now one no chat record will be saved under chats in related Gmail account. Please note, other person chatting with you on Google Talk might be recording chat conversation, as chat recording is enabled by default for all Google Talk users.

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