How to backup Favorites / bookmarks in Internet Explorer?


Favorites mean website links we bookmark in Internet Explorer. We bookmark and save these links to visit them easily in future. Since these favorite weblinks are of great value to us – backing up is very important. This is helpful if you want to install new version of Internet Explorer or reinstall operating system.

Steps to export/backup favorites

1. Open Internet Explorer (double click on ‘e’ icon).
2. Click menu option File > Import & Export.
3. A new window appears, click next button.
4. Now select 2nd option of Export Favorites & click Next.
5. Again Click next button and then click browse button to select location where bookmark or favorites file should be saved. Then click Next and Finish.

Bookmarks / favorites will be saved as bookmark (.htm) file in specified folder. You can use same above procedure to import and restore├é┬ásaved bookmarks – just chose Import Favorites option instead of Export Favorites option.

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