How to open Gmail Login page directly without redirects


Google has changed design of login page for all Google services including Gmail. Now if you go to website, it shows image slideshow of Gmail features instead of Gmail login box. User has to clicking Sign In button at top right to able access Gmail login page. If you are a regular Gmail user, this additional one step clicking can be annoying.

Bookmark direct Gmail login page for quick sign in

Google has introduced new universal login page for all Google services. So whenever you click Sign In button on either Google service, same Google / Gmail account login page opens.

1. To directly open Gmail login page, save the following URL in web browser. Open this webpage url, enter your Gmail account details and Gmail inbox should open directly.

2. You can create desktop shortcut icon for direct Gmail login page. Right click on empty space on the deskop and then goto New > Shortcut option. Then type or paste above url in “type the location of the item” box. Click Next, enter any name for direct Gmail login page¬†shortcut and you should see new desktop shortcut.

Create Gmail Login page Shortcut icon on desktop

3. You can also add this URL to browser bookmarks to directly access login page for Gmail email service. Google Chrome users: open the above url and click Star button at top right side of address bar to save this page in bookmarks.

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