How to remove Seen By message in Facebook Chat Box


While interacting on Facebook Chat, it displays “seen (time)” message whenever sent message in seen (and read) by the recipient. Sometimes in the middle of something very important, you will receive message on Facebook. You quickly see the message but now too busy to give proper reply to the message. However, since sender have ‘seen (time)’ message confirming you have read it – sender expects answer but you do not have time for proper message at this moment. In such situation, turning off ‘seen by’ receipt message delivery on Facebook Chat is a wise decision.

Turn off & hide ‘Seen By’ message on Facebook Chat

This ‘seen by’ message functionality is controller by file on Facebook. Technically we need to block access to this file to remove ‘seen by’ message to appear in Facebook Chat.

1. Google Chrome users can install Facebook Unseen Extension and hence control if your friends can see that you have read their messages. Alternatively, you can also use Facebook Chat Privacy extension with similar functionality of disabling ‘seen by’ message receipts in Facebook Chat box.

hide seen message in facebook chat window

2. Other users can use Unseen Facebook app to prevent others to see when you read their message. Login into Facebook account and use Facebook with this app to disable ‘seen by’ privacy mess in Facebook Chat. Besides, users can also try Social Reviver which has extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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