How to remove Chrome Apps Launcher on Windows


Chrome Apps Launcher is a new feature of Google Chrome browser. It is dedicated launcher program displaying list of installed Google Chrome apps. Newer version of Google Chrome has apps launcher integrated into the web browser program itself. User who install and use lot of Chrome apps should find this very useful. However, others using Google Chrome for only browsing internet may find this apps launcher more of an annoyance.

Can I disable or completely remove Chrome Apps launcher

As of now, there is no option to remove Chrome Apps Launcher program. However, if you do not open Chrome Apps Launcher it will stay hidden and would not pop-up. But once you open apps launcher, it will stay there much to your annoyance.

Unpin workaround to remove Chrome Apps Launcher

Best workaround to this problem is unpinning Chrome Apps Launcher icon from Windows taskbar. Just right click on Apps Launcher icon and click the unpin option.

hide disable chrome apps launcher on windows

With this, it will remain hidden in the background unless you open it manually from the Start menu. Apps Launcher is handy addition to Google Chrome specially for users installing and using lot of Chrome apps. However, for average Chrome user not interested in apps – this does not serve any purpose and disabling it is a wise decision.

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