How to change Display or Contact name in Yahoo Messenger?


Sometimes we signup with an email ID name that has little meaning and is funky to use. However, during a formal chat on Yahoo Messenger it is advisable to use some decent name instead of funky email ID. For example – David John is better display name that DavidRocks99 – you can easily change display name in Yahoo Messenger window.


Change Display name

1. Login into Yahoo Messenger.
2. Click menu option Messenger > My Contact Details.
3. In the new window enter your fullname and nickname.

You can also add other information about yourself including telephone number, address etc which you want to share with messenger friends. You also select between your name & Yahoo ID to show as your display name. For this goto Messenger > Preferences, then click appearance tab on left and look for nickname or Yahoo ID option.

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  1. Robert Robbins says:

    I have had yahoo messenger for years. I was recently divorced and cant find how to take my ex’s name off my messenger chats

    • I have the same prob when i tried to remove my Nonalliance exbf from Yahoo. tried 6 months. I miss having a techie Alliance Plant vs Zombie bf..he’d know what to do..i recommend you ask him anyways akatosh on ends with at rains dot net.. Btw, he has a.s be nice to him.. his skill is in nets/emails, he is not a doc..

  2. Fantastic! It worked! You’re the first site I’ve come across that gave me what I was looking for!
    Well done!!

  3. Nadir Khattak says:

    Thank finish my problem.welldone
    once again Thank you

  4. I have a macbook and i want to change my yahoo messenger ID so when i go online it says for instance judy instead of julia… how can i do that??? with mac , yahoo is a bit different.thanks

  5. Hi, I tried to change my display name from yahoo messenger in “My Contact Details”. The problem is this that when i update name there and press the Save & Close Button, nothing happens!!!
    Please suggest…

    • change it in the *nickname* field….then you have to go to messenger and then choose preferences as instructed above…just follow the step.

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