Can I recover emails deleted from Trash folder in Gmail


Some email messages are very important and may get lost in the traffic of incoming / outgoing emails in your Gmail account. Ideally, if you delete an email message from inbox it goes to Trash folder (which is like recycle bin on Windows PC). You can restore any email message still present in the trash folder till 30 days. What about restoring emails deleted from the trash folder, is such recovery possible?

Restoring deleted ‘trash folder’ emails, possible?

By default, emails stay for 30 days in the trash folder and after that they are deleted automatically. You can also manually delete all emails from Trash folder: select email message and click ‘Delete Forever‘ button or just click ‘empty trash now‘ button. While emails can be recovered from trash folder and sent back to default inbox – can I do similar email recovery from emails deleted from the Trash folder in Gmail?

emails deleted from trash folder cannot be recovered in gmail

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Emails once deleted from trash folder are deleted and gone for ever. They cannot be recovered using any mechanism. So be careful when you delete email messages from inbox, they only have shelf live of 30 days in trash folder and then are deleted forever. You can remember this for future email deletion routine in Gmail to keep important email messages safe from automatic deletion without any possible recovery option.

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