How to start audio only Google Plus Hangouts chat


Google Hangouts is a great way to group chat with friends on Google Plus platform. By default, it is for video chatting with one or more users on Google Plus. However, if your interaction does not require video, then you can switch to “audio only” chat on Google Hangouts. This is very good option for users with low speed internet connection and wanting to save on data transfer bandwidth.

Switch to ‘audio only’ chat on Google+ Hangouts

1. Login into Google Plus account and click Home button on left side. Then click on Google Hangouts on Air option on the left side menu. Now click on Hangouts option at top right to see users window.

start a chat party on google hangouts

2. Click on Start a Party button at bottom right to see Google Hangouts start window. Click on Bandwidth button at top right and move the slider to extreme left to – sign (will see audio only listed).

google hangouts audio only chatting

In audio only mode you will not send or receive any video or screen share. With this setting activated, Hangouts will try to give you the best possible audio experience. In audio only mode, the bandwidth used will be approximately 35 Kbps in each direction.

Alternatively, you can also click on camera button to turn off video and switch to audio only mode. However, using above “audio only” setting is a better option for best possible audio chat experience on Google Hangouts.

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